VerifAI's MultiLLM App Update

VerifAI's MultiLLM App Update


šŸš€ We are excited to share VerifAI's MultiLLM WebApp

šŸš€ VerifAIs MultiLLM ranks the output of LLMs. It takes inspiration from Google's Page Ranking Algorithm, which determines the relevance and importance of web pages

šŸš€ MultiLLM assess the quality of generated Code/Content from different LLMs and ranks them

šŸš€ MultiLLM assists in selecting the best possible output by considering the collective intelligence of multiple LLMs

šŸš€ By leveraging the strengths of multiple models, it reduces the risk of relying on a single LLMs shortcomings or biases

šŸš€ šŸŽÆ Use Cases:
šŸŽÆ Compare the Code quality produced by different LLMs like GPT-3, LLaMA, Google Bard, and Mistral
šŸŽÆ Ask VerifAI MultiLLM any question, and it will show you results from multiple LLMs with just one click, compare the results produced, rank them, and recommend the best output.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to your thoughts on MultiLLM

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-- Team VerifAI